The First Year

We first went to Spain in 2013-14. Here are links to posts from that first year:


  1. Ray Family Sabbatical Year
  2. Sabbatical and Scripture
  3. Sabbatical and Money
  4. Kids and Sabbatical
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Serving with One Mission Society
  7. Madrid, Paul & Sylvia Cummings, and What We’ll Be Doing
  8. In Emily’s Words — “From A to C (we’re nowhere near Z yet)”
  9. “Why Spain?” and a Ray family update
  10. The storm before the calm
  11. Better than sex
  12. Who knew we would need a RAFT to get to Spain?

Reflections & Updates

  1. We have arrived! (and some early notes)
  2. The most humbling thing I’ve ever done
  3. Notes on living in a foreign country
  4. School, English classes, and emergency rooms in Spain
  5. On not having an agenda … and having an agenda
  6. Fervent prayer
  7. Calling versus passion
  8. “So what do you do?”
  9. On looking back, and a ministry update
  10. Failure
  11. Looking forward
  12. Learning to listen and more notes on calling
  13. The Church as a blessing
  14. Fresh Breeze